The county of Leer in Unity state is one of the hardest to reach in South Sudan, travel by land is virtually impossible due to lack of infrastructure and rebel controlled areas.
 The people of the remote county are incredibly self sufficient, even though the state harbors vast oil deposits the population rely on subsistence agriculture.
 Patrick and Kamal were forced into labor for the south Sudanese rebel army during the long running conflict. Like many children they were taken from their homes at a very young age and given domestic tasks such as feeding the soldiers and washing their clothes.
 As part of the charity VSF Suisse'sReintegration of Former Child Soldiers project (RECAAF) they have been given livestock and seeds for crops, this will hopefully help to break the cycles of endemic conflict.   
 Rehabilitated child soldiers are integrated back into the communities they come from even if it is not possible to return to their own families, there is great camaraderie amongst them.
 The donated livestock provide for the ex child combatants in many ways, not only do they give milk and meat; but also enable them to be accepted in society, which is difficult if you do not own livestock.
 With a childhood lost to conflict and anguish Patrick and Kamal are now able to start enjoying a life every child is entitled to.
 Hopefully these interventions have gone some way to help break the cycles of violence that have plagued the region for decades.
 For the participatory photography project a diverse group of people form the local community were invited to take part; they included local journalists, police, community leaders and others.  After a day training session each participant was given a digital camera and tasked with photographing someone in the community that they felt needed protection. When the participants returned we reviewed the images together and had a group discussion. 
 Two participants get to grips with their camera 
Street Child,  Kuajok South Sudan.
Beaten Street Child,  Kuajok South Sudan.
Local Court
Ex child combatant Kuajok, South Sudan with undiagnosed psychological disorder
Imprisoned mother and child
Imprisoned mother and child
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